IAC Industrial Air Cleaner

Dust and oil mist are inevitable byproducts that follow rapid economic development, causing a huge impact on both the environment and human health.

 Airbourne dust:
1.     Can cause various forms of pneumoconiosis,
2.     Inhalation of organic particles may induce lung disease, respiratory cancer, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, and rhinitis, among other diseases,
3.     Lead, arsenic, and manganese particles can be dissolved in the upper respiratory tract’s mucosa and quickly absorbed, thereby causing poisoning.

Waste oil mist:
High-speed milling machines generate considerable amount of frictional heat and may vaporize coolant, creating toxic vapors that threaten the health of the staff. In order to prevent occupational diseases, create a comfortable working environment, and extend the working life of tools and equipment, we suggest that CNCs utilizing oil be equipped with the appropriate oil mist treatment device.

A. For wet and dry use 
B. A tool-free maintenance process
C. An exclusive six filters design
D. Environmentally friendly; producing only 1% of the waste generatedcompare to those by barrel filter designs.

Of filters
Filter material (large filtration surface area) Function Tool-free 3 minute maintenance process Cost
(in USD)
1 Nylon mesh Preliminary filtration Weekly clean up 0
2 2 stage porous metal filter, Japan made. Oil filtration Clean up weekly with compressed air 0
3 Oil filtration 0
4 2 stage PP polypropylene filter Oil and particle filtration Replace monthly 0.5
5 0.5
6 1 kg of activated carbon Deodorizer Replace monthly 10


Needle Phalanx Electronic Oil-Mist Collector AKA-220
IAC Industrial Air Cleaner
Oil-Mist Collector- COC-S-2010
Oil mist and dust collector
Suction/Inlet Air Oil Mist Filter
AIO Panel Cooler
Filter and maintain
AH Series Air Cooled Oil Cooler
AW Series Air Cooled Ol Cooler
AL Series Air cooled Oil Cooler
Independent cooling system